Transition (2016)

Since the early 2000 - especially after producing Crossroads - I have been into composing, sometimes more, sometimes less. By starting medical school in 2005 - which of course demanded a lot of time - my life as a musician also started to change with each semester. First I tried to keep everything up and balanced, continueing working as a session drummer, playing live gigs (... studying for upcoming medical tests during breaks between the played sets at the gigs...) and doing my job as a drum teacher in my own drum school. Though - the further I got at med school, the harder it was to keep everything running smoothly. So I first needed to reduce my work in the live-playing area. After finishing med school and starting my residency in cardiology, I sadly needed to break-off drum teaching as well and turn down my own small drum school, the Musikstation AG, after 14 years of teaching.

Though, life went on and with the time, my desire of getting back more into music got stronger and stronger. But it was clear already that I wouldn´t be able to get back onto "old paths" again (= playing gigs regularly again and continuous drum teaching). As I have been fascinated of movies and also movie making all my life, the idea of becoming a film/TV music composer was born.

So first, I needed to get back into the technical field as a lot happened since I worked with the Emagic Logic/Roland VS-1680-combination. So after getting more info about the different DAW´s, I started working with Cubase - again "terra incognita" to me LOL. In 2013/2014 I composed and produced my first material for TV and/or movies.

Transition is a compilation of the material I have composed and produced since then. Unlike Crossroads, I played and/or programmed all instruments on that production.

Hope you´ll enjoy!!


  1. Amaurosis Fugax
  2. Obscuritas
  3. Capoerized
  4. C´est la vie
  5. Long Way Home
  6. Desert Dreams
  7. Bacio Di Colonia
  8. Night Travels
  9. In Statu Nascendi
  10. Icarus
  11. Lost in Space
  12. Sunlight
  13. Walk That Dixie

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