Crossroads (2000)

After returning from New York City - and getting the first positive feedback for Eternal - I couldn´t get the idea of composing out of my head anymore.

I continued working as a session drummer, playing gigs here and there, giving drum lessons but the same time, I also started digging into the "technical part" of recording and studio work. Next to PC-based composing with Emagic Logic, using expanders like the Roland JV-1080, I started dealing with harddisk-recording, using the Roland VS-1680 machine to do all recordings. This all was indeed "terra incognita" to me as before, everything I cared about was just playing the drums and nothing else, hahaha :)

With all these tools handy, I knew time has come to finally do my own compositions and found my own band project. I spent the next months composing the material and doing the first recording using the new system. The same time, I was inviting fellow musicians joining me on this project. Soon, the recordings for Crossroads, my first REAL solo album - as I say - were done and the line-up for my band project García Orchestra was found.


  1. Deep Blue
  2. Jungle 7
  3. Avalon
  4. Tears
  5. Flight through the stars
  6. On the run
  7. Now and then
  8. Kwaheri (Farewell)

 Crossroads Cover











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